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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Below you will read about the process of microblading and how to prepare for your appointment.

Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is deposited right above the dermis layer of the skin and into the basal layer of the epidermis. Unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is performed with a handheld tool instead of a machine. With the right amount of pressure and cosmetics, a procedure is executed. The procedure itself takes a few hours to complete. However, before the actual procedure, a consultation takes place where all the details and needs are discussed as well as the amount of time the appointment will be. Please allow a 3 hour window as this is the average timeframe.

Microblading is a two-step treatment, consisting of an initial procedure and then a touch up between 6 to 8 weeks afterwards.

What to expect:

I will begin by taking your photo. I will then make measurements and map out the brow design in pencil to give you an idea of the shape and form. We then discuss any corrections. Once we have agreed on a final shape, I will shape your eyebrows. Keep in mind, we must hold realistic expectations as no one's face is completely symmetrical (your brows are sisters-not twins.)

We will then decide on the color. This is decided by your skin tone, your natural hair color and the color you use for make up when shading your brows in. If you aren't used to having a full brow, I recommend filling them in weeks prior to your appointment so you can get used to seeing yourself with a full brow. Shortly after that, a topical anesthetic is applied to ensure comfort. Once you’re numb, the pigment is deposited and the procedure has started. During healing, it's normal to experience the loss of pigment; this is why you must schedule a touch up.

Permanent cosmetic enhancements normally require more then one application session. To achieve the best results, you will be required to return for a touch up. Soon after your session, the color intensity will be significantly sharper and darker. This will subside and become softer as the skin heals. This process can take up to 14 days. Please refer to my "The importance of aftercare" post for more information on the healing process.


•       DO NOT take Aspirin, Fish Oil, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen unless medically necessary, 72 hrs prior to your procedure. Tylenol is fine.

•       DO NOT work out 24 hrs prior to your procedure AVOID sun and tanning one week prior to your procedure.

•       Discontinue Glycolics, Retin-A or Retinol products 4 weeks before the scheduled appointment.

•       DO NOT use AHA skincare products close to the enhancement area 2 weeks prior to and after your procedure.

•       If you've had any cosmetic surgical procedures done on the face area, please wait TWO MONTHS to fully heal prior to the eyebrow tattoo procedure.

•       DO NOT consume any alcohol beverages 24 HOURS before the scheduled appointment. This will prevent any excess bleeding, oozing, and minimizes swelling during the procedure.

•       Do not wax, thread or tint your eyebrows one week before your procedure ( I will remove excess hair )

•       No facials or chemical peels a week prior to the scheduled appointment.

•       If there are any open wounds, pimples, bruises, or any other skin irritations on the area; please wait for them to be completely healed before attending the scheduled appointment...

      Please contact immediately if rescheduling is necessary due to this matter.

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